“The light is insanely bright. It is clearly visible in daylight and comes into its own after dark. It’s obvious is how much room drivers are giving me to pass. A few times cars have waited behind where normally I’d expect them to go straight by. As it got dark this was even more evident. I’m a happy customer”
~ David, Edinburgh

“Brilliant how much room cars gave me, think they saw me from miles off!”
~ Sarah Ferguson

“The product that’s saved my ass on many occasions”
~ Christopher Walker

“Very noticeable decrease in close passes. Used day & night.”
~ Dave Smith, National & Olympic Cycling Coach

“If you want some great lights for your bike, there is only one name – SEE.SENSE ICON”
~ Eugenio

“These really are amazing lights. First time I’ve had the front one, too. Kudos to See.Sense.”
~ Carlton Reid BikeBiz

“It’s my ‘go-to’ light now especially on those bright days with low sunshine; it really is an attention grabber.”
~ Phil Skelton Stayin’ Alive at 1.5

“The best rear light I have ever had. The build quality is very very high, and the amount of light it gives out is excellent. It gives you a great feeling of confidence by night and also by day to know that you will be seen.”
~ Kevin, Ireland

“If, like me, you just want to have a bright set of reliable lights, then you can, and they’re amazing value for money”
~ Andy Lulham

“Set aside from the amazing products, the best thing about See.Sense is their customer service”
~ Robert Doswell

“The ICON is an incredible piece of kit that has pretty much nailed every aspect of what a great light should be”
~ ean McDowell Club VC Iveagh

“My light sent a notification to my phone to tell me it had low battery”
~ Gideon MW Jones

“Daylight running, smartphone enabled, varying beam pattern”
~ Jon D Turner

“It is stronger, brighter and more eye catching than pretty much any other light of its kind.”
~ Barry Meehan The Cycling Blog